SWARNA DHARA scheme for Vishwas Jewels, an golden opportunity to invest & save monthly. It provides you an opportunity to invest in small amounts and possess the best and the purest of gold ornaments of your choice from the widest spectrom of design & variety.

Welcome to Vishwas Swarna Dhara Saving Scheme.

The following table shows the benefit you get by joining in.

Swarna Dhara Saving Scheme

DESCRIPTIONXYSwarna Dhara Member
Wt. of jewellery 10.00gms 10.00gms 10.00gms
Wastage value addition 1.00gm(10%) 1.80gm(10%) -
Rate per gram of gold 2,430/gm 2,430/gm 2,430/gm
Total Gold Value (INR) 26,730 28,674 24,300
Making charges (INR) 1,500 - -
Total Value Paid by you (INR) 28,230 28,674 24,300
Rate per gram (INR) 28,230 28,674 24,300
Savings Made by you - - 437(18%)
  • This scheme is for the period of 16 months for the denomination of INR1000/-,2000/-,5000/- &10,000/- per month.
  • Members can select one of the instalments & denomination scheme as shown above.
  • Members can open more than one membership card in this scheme.
  • After the maturity period, the amount will be adjusted against Gold jewellery/ Silver articles purchase on that day's revailing market rate.
  • No making & No Wastage Charges will be charged*.
  • This scheme doesn't entitle of precious stones like Diamond, Ruby, Emerald & Antique Gold Jewellery.
  • No coin & Bullion purchase.

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